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Residential Carpet Cleaning
We use the truck mounted steam extraction carpet cleaning method. This is the preferred carpet cleaning method according to the major carpet manufacturers, as it is the deepest clean that you can get. Additional services such as deodorizing and Scotchgard stain-resistant protective coating are also available.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
R&R Carpet Cleaning uses the Bane-Clene truck mounted unit because it offers several advantages over other carpet cleaning truck mount systems:

It is the quietest truck mount carpet cleaning system in the industry.

It uses electricity which makes it the safest. There is no gas, kerosene or diesel fuel, so there is no need to worry about fires.

It uses optimum temperature that is safe on all carpet fibers. It uses optimum pressure so there is no over-wetting.

Along with all of this, every Bane-Clene owner is backed by over 40 years of experience that is just a phone call away.

Stain Removal
One of the biggest challenges with carpet is keeping it clean. Food, drinks, and other daily messes cause the carpet to stain. If the stain isn't treated correctly, a small spill may turn into a large problem. Our stain removal cleaning process gets your carpet clean and completely removes most stains. We have the expertise to clean most stains on many different types of carpets and rugs in your home or business. Our services employ a powerful truck-mounted cleaning system. We'll safely clean your carpets, removing dirt and contaminants.
  Carpet Cleaning in Madison
Madison Carpet Cleaning   Odor Removal
Pet urine leaves hard to remove stains and odors in your home. The smell can be breathtaking and in many cases, hard to remove. Most cleaning products and air fresheners, will only mask the smell and temporarily remove the stain. This is bad for two reasons. First, pets have a very sensitive noise, and they will be able to tell where they have previously "marked" their territory, coming back to the same spot again and again. Second, the stain will appear over and over if not cleaned properly. R&R Carpet Cleaning uses specially formulated product designed to remove pet stains and odors, so your pets do not return to stain the carpet again, and again and the stain is gone forever!


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